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Annual Dues are $50

Annual dues are included in your meeting registration.

If you would like to be a member and not attend the annual meeting, you may pay your $50 member fee by personal check or PayPal.

On the next page will be given the opportunity to pay using a credit card, or to print this form and submit it by mail with your check.

By submitting this form you agree to receive newsletters, notices, advertisements, announcements, brochures, invoices, and other information from the West Virginia Sleep Society and it's representatives via US mail and/or email. Your express permission to recieve such notices, invoices and other information will continue and have no date of expiration. I understand that the contact information I provide will be available to others for routine communication.

If you have questions, please email email Martha DiGiovine . You can also click to download a copy of our most recent membership form.

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